Conversational AI powered payments

Grow your business on the most popular social platforms like whatsapp, messenger & instagram with your own custom conversational AI service that will sell, receive payments and answer your customers accurately to ensure they keep coming back : all without code or expensive investment in advanced technologies.

Why Conversational AI

More customers are using social platforms than any other channel Conversational AI Makes your customers feel like they are talking to a person where they want to be served. We will automatically sell, follow up on orders and answer questions even when you are not present

Cross Platform

Accept bank, credit/debit card,mobile wallet payments without any complicated integration or code setup


Accept payments automatically and respond to customer questions using our AI Chatbot that you can customize to your brand and preference without any code or integrations

Local Settlements

Once you get paid, our services supports instant settlement to your local bank or mobile wallet account.

Virtual Bank card

We offer you a debit card that makes it easier to pay out funds,send wages, manage and keep track of expenses enabling bulk payments, scheduled transfers/ Payments

Messaging & Marketing

Chat instantly with your customers across whatsapp, facebook, instagram and telegram from one hub and send them marketing messages or alerts with action buttons to complete sales & payments


No code tools enabling you to setup a store front on WhatsA business, Facebook , Telegram, Instagram and others while enabling you to request and accept payments without any need to code.