Cross border Digital Banking tools for entrepreneurs

Tools to help entrepreneurs sell and collect payments across more platforms while removing limitations to efficiently manage, save and invest incomes and funds

Service features

Digital transactions across boundaries once you create a WayaWaya account

Debit card

Setup an account in minutes and transact within our AI Banking chatbot or Apps from your Debit card to banks and mobile wallets

Automate Savings

Tools to automatically set some money aside from incoming transfers and payments while tracking savings goals

Cross Border transactions

Transact and send money across borders with transparent rates and zero rated fees.

Intelligent Finance

Intelligent finance manager to send reminders, automatically manage recurrent bills & automate payments and answer financial inquiries

Frictionless Payments

Receive payments from your gig & business and automate onward bills and expense payments

Multiple Accounts

Attach and transact from different mobile wallet, Debit/Credit Cards, Bank and other financial accounts

WayaWaya digital banking alternative

banking and payments to help entreprenuers manage and grow their personal finance

Card account

Setup in minutes & receive payments or send payments across boundaries

  • Pay anyone who accepts card payments
  • Receive payments from mobile wallets, cards and bank transfers
  • Load account using mobile money e.g Mpesa or Bank USSD
  • Automatically save a portion of the value of your recurrent bills & incoming payments

Borderless transactions

Securely transact across borders through our App or AI Chatbot

  • Use our conversational chatbot to request transactions and get account notifications
  • Get instant local transfers or cross border EFT transactions through bank networks
  • Receive payments from different currencies and financial systems into your local account
  • Automated anti-fraud transactions filters

Savings and Personal finance tools

Finance tools that aim to replicate an intelligent personal finance planner inside your pocket

  • Automatically deduct incoming payments towards goal savings
  • Auto Scheduled goal savings schemes
  • Personal finance manager and alerts on App and WhatsApp
  • Intelligent spending manager and advisor