Connecting you to Global financial services You are in control

More sales, payments and transactions from Major Financial services in minutes on Apps, through APIs and on social media using Conversational AI. Powered by tools that do not require complex integrations & setup

Borderless Payments

Cross country Banking and Payments within Apps, APIs and Social media platforms without complicated code, integrations or setup

Conversational AI

Interact with financial services within conversational based mass reach platforms like instant messengers and social media platforms

No Code

Drag and Drop tools allowing customization of Conversational AI journeys and Bank, card, mobile wallet payment requests within minutes

Business payments powered by conversational AI

Grow your business revenue with sales, payments and customer support automation through a WayaWaya account in minutes. Just upload your products and Frequently asked questions and the WayaWaya service will automatically sell and serve your customers across conversational platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, facebook and instagram

  • Configure your own intelligent Chatbot to receive payments & answer questions
  • Request payments and configure AI journeys without code
  • Instant Bank, USSD Banking, Debit/Credit Card, Mobile money payments
  • Payments on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, telegram, apps and Web
  • Automatically answer your customer queries even when you are offline
  • Chat, Message and send alerts to your customers across whatsapp, facebook, instagram & telegram from one hub
  • Settlements to both Bank accounts and mobile money
  • Manage expenses, payout wages and bills from attached Debit card
  • Cross border & cross currency payments without limitations

Entreprenuer Focused Digital Banking services

Modern tools for visionary entreprenuers to automate payments collection, spending, savings and investing without the hustle of dealing with account managers, multiple apps, multiple accounts, long account setup and account limitations across borders.

Debit card

Setup an account in minutes and transact within our AI Banking chatbot or Apps from your Debit card to banks and mobile wallets

Automate Savings

Tools to automatically set some money aside from incoming transfers and payments while tracking savings goals

Cross Border transactions

Transact and send money across borders with transparent rates and zero rated fees.

Intelligent finance

Intelligent finance manager to send reminders, automatically manage recurrent bills & automate payments and answer financial inquiries

Frictionless Payments

Receive payments from your gig & business and automate onward bills and expense payments

Multiple Accounts

Attach and transact from different mobile wallet, Debit/Credit Cards, Bank and other financial accounts

Bridging gaps in Financial services.

At WayaWaya we are passionate about weaving connections to limitless possibilities


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